About Me

Who am I? Wow, that is very existential.

I am, as Green Day would say, a walking contradiction.
To say that my interests are eclectic is an understatement.
I strike a unique dichotomy between girly girl and tom-boy.
Between the intellectual and the inane.
Between the goofball and the serious thinker.
Between the level headed and the totally irrational.
Between the indifferent and the emotionally invested.
Between the type-A control freak and the easy breezy hippie type.
Between spilling all the details to keeping my cards close to the chest.

Right now you're thinking, "That's all good and fine, but what does any of that actually mean?"

Glad you asked.

My interests include:

Music: I know everyone always says "everything," so I'll try to be a bit more specific. My favorite group is Jack's Mannequin, hands down. A close second comes Eric Hutchinson. Aside from that, I'll listen to Top 40 songs, rock music, pop, punk, some country, hip-hop, old skool rap, oldies, broadway musicals... so basically everything. More specifically, Lady GaGa and Britney, Sublime, Miley Cyrus, Green Day, MxPx, Fall Out Boy, Daddy Yankee, The Used, Guns 'N Roses, Trace Adkins, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Bad Fathers, Panic! At The Disco, Kanye West, and the list could go on forever. If you want to know any more, you know where to reach me.

Photography: I have been dubbed "The Photo Nazi" by one of my friends because I take so many pictures whenever we go out. I have over 1800 pictures of me tagged on facebook. That was all with my Canon point-and-shoot. Recently I decided that I want to learn the actual art of photography, so I bought a fancy schmancy Nikon D90 and I am taking photography classes. It may or may not turn into a money making venture for me some day, but at the very least I have a new hobby!

Snowboarding: I. LOVE. SNOWBOARDING. Yeah, in the beginning you fall down a lot, but once you get the hang of it, there's nothing like it. I had dreams one day of living in a ski town... but as it turns out, being that they are such small communities, there are not many jobs in my field of work in ski towns. Maybe when I retire and I have a fake hip I can move to a ski town and shred the mountain with the young whippersnappers.

Eyeliner: Well, makeup in general, but especially eyeliner. I use Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. I think I would die without it. I would literally cease to breathe. To exist.

NPR: Some mornings I feel like getting smarter, so I listen to NPR on my way to work. I like it. I come out 5 IQ points higher.

Crap Reality TV: Really, anything on VH1 works or more specifically, Jersey Shore, Little Miss Perfect, Tool Academy, Charm School, Rock of Love, Tough Love, The Pickup Artist, Millionaire Matchmaker, The Real Housewives shows, Bridezillas, Say Yes To The Dress... I think that covers it for the most part. Yeah, remember those 5 IQ points I gained from listening to NPR? Well I think I lose 10 for watching these shows.

Working Out:  I used to be a runner, but after repeated injuries to my left knee I fear I may not get back to it the way I really want to. So I've recently taken up spinning, which makes me want to puke every time, but I know I am getting an intense workout, which is the only reason I keep going. I'd also like to take up cardio boxing or something where I get to punch things.

Being Lazy: Working out is good for me, but nothing beats laying on the couch with my laptop, watching TV or movies or blogging to my little heart's content.

Movies: Much like my taste in music, my taste in movies varies greatly. I like chick flicks (Breakfast At Tiffany's, Mean Girls), documentaries (Murderball, Dear Jack),  comedies (The Hangover, Ace Ventura), dark comedies (Four Rooms, ANYTHING by Quentin Tarantino), tween movies (Twilight, Harry Potter), "indie" movies (Garden State, Bully). The only thing I DON'T like is scary movies. Whether it be a mass murderer in the woods or a poltergeist in your bathroom, me no likey. I get too scared, and then I convince myself that the evil-doer is hiding under my bed, waiting to get me. Yes, I am 26. And yes, I do believe the boogey man is under my bed. You wanna fight about it?

TV Shows: Separate from the crap reality TV, I do occasionally watch scripted TV. Among my favorites are How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Friends, Heroes, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hungerforce, 30 Rock, Mythbusters, Project Runway, Gossip Girl, 1000 Ways To Die, Manswers, Twilight Zone (Old, not the new ones), Vampire Diaries, I Survived, Intervention, I Shouldn't Be Alive, Untamed and Uncut, Hoarders, The Soup, Nip/Tuck. Maybe a better question would be "what TV shows do I not watch?"

Dirty Jokes: I don't think I can make it through any normal conversation without at least one sexual innuendo, this also means saying "that's what she said" at every opportunity, even if it doesn't really make sense.

Shopping: Thing is... I love shopping. But I hate trying things on. My solution? Online shopping. Yeah, I usually end up sending 1 or 2 things back, but that small $5 return shipping fee is worth it to try the clothes on in the comfort of my own home.

Vacations: I love travelling. I love laying on beaches with frozen drinks. I love seeing historical places. I love seeing new places. But I hate the process of going to the airport, security, baggage claim.

Reading: See my recommended reading.

Writing: Obviously, since I am writing this blog. But I also enjoy writing non-fiction articles... on pretty much whatever. And I thought it would be cool to write a pseudo memoir/biography, interweaving the life stories of my mother, grandmother, and myself.

Animals: Dogs especially, but all animals. In October 2009 I started down the road to being vegetarian. I am now working on making the transition from vegetarian to vegan. I love animals enough to give up cheese. That's a lot. I burst into tears every time I watch that Sarah McLachlan Humane Society commercial.

Talking: I do talk a lot. I also tend to ramble in my blog. But there is the rare occasion that I sit back and take in a scene, completely silent. It doesn't happen too frequently, but it's there.

So, that's me in list form. Other than that, I'm fiercely loyal to my loved ones, always locked and loaded for another joke, even if it's completely lame, straightforward in my thoughts and actions - I hate passive aggressiveness more than anything and generally do not tolerate it, occasionally over-critical of myself, and frequently trying to do more things than I have the capacity to do.

Anything else? Check out my blog and you'll form your own opinions.
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