Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blogdentity Crisis.

I'm having a blogdentity crisis.

I've been writing this blog for about 6 months now and I need to be perfectly honest with you.

Despite the fact that I appear to know what the hell I'm talking about... I don't. I don't know what to do with my blog, in which direction to take it, or even what I ultimately want it to be. And right now it's a shapeless blob of blog-vomit all across the board.

Gross analogy, but you get it.

I guess I'm just asking you all to bear with me as I "find myself" and develop a clearer focus.

I feel like this is a completely self-serving post, so I'll throw some more random blog-vomit at you.

Sick. I have to stop using that analogy. Suggestions for a better analogy are welcome!

So, I'm watching a documentary about the human face and the role of facial expressions in modern society. They interview the family of a little girl with Moebius Syndrome. Too lazy to follow my link? Fine. Basically it's congenital paralysis of the muscles of facial expression. Without the ability to make facial expressions, how does one communicate effectively?

Later in the documentary, the family prepares for a surgery to give their little girl a smile before her first day at school. Through a facial surgery involving muscle transfers from the thigh to the corners of her mouth, she gets her smile a just a few days before school begins. It's pretty darn heartwarming.

In another segment, they discuss human lie detectors and how they use facial cues to determine if someone is lying. One such cue is the furrowing and raising of the eyebrows, a sign of "distress."

So... what if someone has Botox to their forehead? How will you ever be able to tell if they are lying? I mean, no one knows what Heidi Montag is thinking or feeling anymore after all the work she's had done. And I really could care less if Heidi Montag wants to tell a lie, but what if terrorists catch onto this and get massive Botox jobs done so that if they are captured they can lie to interrogators with greater efficacy?

I guess you'd just have to keep them prisoner, wait 3-4 months, then ask them again.

Furthermore, do you think this is why Abraham Lincoln could not tell a lie? Was his face just too wrinkly? I mean expressive? Poor Abey baby, I feel your pain. Like you, I cannot tell a lie.

I mean don't get me wrong. I can say the words. They are just not very convincing. My true feelings read like a book all over my face.

So,  go ahead and ask. Do those jeans make your ass look fat? Yes. Yes, they do.


steff said...

a couple of things:
1st - i know just what you mean in regard to blog identity. ive only been blogging for a little less than a year and i am CONSTANTLY questioning what the hell im doing with my published works. i even went so far as to split my main blog up and post stuff i felt was too "random" on another site altogether. in all honesty, that didn't really pan out the way i thought it would but WHATEVER.
2nd - the show you were watching is TOTALLY cool! if im thinking of the same thing you are it's based on the studies of the real life guy that Tim Roth's character plays on "Lie to Me".
the whole human lie detector thing is fascinating to me and YES seeing that little girl FINALLY getting her chance to smile would melt even the iciest heart.
i just want to finish up this epic comment by saying that i LOVE your blog. you are smart and funny and awesome and i so enjoy reading it.
i just finished reading the post before this one and it cracked me up PLUS i'm totally on board for the creation of garlic glue. it's a must.
now we just need to find a food scientist and bagel domination will be within reach!!!

emily said...

there could never be a better analogy to ever exist..."blog-vomit." but, you know my feelings on vomit.

p.s. solid hang last week. we must do it again and soon.

LiLu said...

It often bothers me when people ask what I blog about. I don't have a "genre" perse... at least not according to me... but it's hard to describe without one!

Simply "T" said...

Steff - Seriously, the nicest comment anyone has ever left me. You make my day. If you can come up with a garlic glue formula you should totally patent it. You will be rich!

Emily - The vomit is all for you. And your neighbor. And I agree, we must do drinks again very soon!

LiLu - But whatever do you mean? You DO have a genre. And that genre is "Awesome." If people ask you, just say you blog about awesomeness.

Allison's Randomness said...

dont you blog is full of blog vomit!

In my world I ROCK said...

I started my blog with different intentions of what it is currently used for... which is shit. There is nothing specific on my blog, I literally just type about crap going on in my life.

Maybe I should rethink what I am doing with myself as well lol.

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