Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Until 11

Tonight I am determined to be in bed by 11. Our bed-time procrastinating has gotten way out of hand and I had a lot of extra work to do when I came home from work. Wait. Does that even make sense? Anyway. As I said, I am determined to get to bed by 11:00, so no matter where I am in this posting, when the clock strikes 11 I will turn into a pumpkin... or I just have to force myself to turn off the computer. Step away from the computer. I'll stop mid-sentence if I have to.

I'd really like to tell you that I had some grand adventure today, comparable to yesterday's fiasco, but sadly today went along just as any other Wed. Went to work, came home. Dropped my papers in the snow. Just your typical every day occurrences.

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have been noticing one disturbing trend among my cohorts. It's contagious and it's affecting thousands of people in their 20's and 30's every day. It's a very serious issue. No, I'm not talking about Swine Flu or SARS. I'm talking about engagement. The urge to like it enough to put a ring on it. I don't have anything against engagement or marriage, but it seems like every day I am overwhelmed by a barrage of Facebook status updates about the latest proposal. 5 this week alone. And it's only Wednesday.

Now, I'm sure there has been a surge in engagements as it is the holiday season, and we are all feeling very warm and fuzzy inside, but I can only find myself feeling increasingly annoyed. Not at the happy couples, but at the situation at hand. You see, part of the territory that comes along with being a 26 year old, cohabitating, non-engaged/knocked up female is harassment by my mother. But only if you are me. And she wants grandkids. Now. (Keep in mind that my brother is in his 30's and has yet to produce offspring or push a child out of his uterus.) So why all the pressure? I know, I know. Biological clock. Ticking. Blah, blah, blah. I am taking the "when it happens, it happens" stance on this one. I'm in no rush. My life is FUN! And you know what isn't fun? Poopy diapers.

Anyway, I want to be all non-conformist (and annoy my mom) so I have talked at length to her about my personal decisions (true or not.. just trying to get under her skin) regarding marriage, children etc. The list is something like this:

1. Ugh. I never want to have kids. I'm not even sure I like them.

2. I want to elope.

3. I want to get married in a court house (my mother is hard core Catholic, so the idea of me not being married in front of an altar is about the worst thing ever.)

4. I want to have a destination wedding. (See # 3)

5. If I got pregnant right now, I'd give it up for adoption.

6. I'm thinking of getting a hysterectomy.

Before I get any hate mail, remember I said that some of these things are said with the strict purpose of annoying my mom. I don't hate children. I may even want one some day. But I do think they are kind of sticky, and they always seem to disturb my flight any time I go on vacation. Bottom line is, I'm not ready for that level of responsibility yet. Props to you if you are, but I have the emotional maturity of a 12 year old... so right now may not be the right time for wedding bells or baby bonnets.

Can I pull a Carrie Bradshaw and register for shoes?

End rant.

Now, back to the past. To revisit age 10. Apparently this was the year I learned the art of rambling. On. And On.

October 12, 1993

Dear Diary, Zachary Smith is so cute its too bad I ca'nt see him during schooltime unless I turn around and sit backwards all day which would be silly and stupid (You know what's silly and stupid? Nah... too easy.) but at least in keyboarding I get to sit next to him (Didn't I tell you? Men + WPM = Hot) and he actually really talked to me in a friendly way! (You can see how deprived I was for interaction with other people my age. I was in awe that someone would actually talk to me. In a friendly way.) Mrs. L (the computer teacher) put me next to Zachary not because she knows I like him but because when I was sitting at the other computer table I was very uncomfortable because the table was too high and my arms were squished and she noticed that and switched me there when she did it was at the end of class and she said to me "Honey, I wan't you to be comfortable so next tuesday I wan't you to sit at that table OK" and I said "OK" so today I sat next to Zachary and when he and I finished at the same time we both told the teacher she said he and I should work together my heart was thumping like crazy but then Arnold and Cassie finished and she put me with Cassie and Zachary with Arnold not that that's bad or anything actually it's good because I was kind of nervous about working with him and also my heart slowed down to a normal speed I was glad to work with her because she's one of my best friends so I was relieved. (Finally. A period. I wonder if all that was in one breath.) When Zachary had finished the 6th test which was the same one I had but he got 23 and I got 20 but thats not much of a difference but he went wako and just pressed any keys he dint care then he spoke to me! Really! He said T look I screwed up a whole word and I got 23!!! I'll cherish those words forever (I'm not even kidding you. It really says that.) then I said "The last Time I tried that they made me do it over again it said you have made over 3 mistakes try again" then he asked me "was it on the test because on the test you get away with murder" and I said "Uh huh." (Riveting.) "Maby your computer was malfunctioning or maby it was the disk" "Mabe" he said (I love how the spelling of the word "maybe" changes from one sentence to the next) so thats what happened and it definitely wasn't a mishap. (I think I'd just learned the word 'mishap' and was dying to use it in a sentence.) So untill next time bye and do'nt let anyone in to read my private stuff (I'll just wait till I'm 26 and then post it on the internet) bye and stay locked bye bye Luly lulay hee hee hee! (I really have no idea)

Whoops! 11:00! Until tomorrow, blog, bye and don't let anyone in to read my private stuff!


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