Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Readers...

Hey there, readers...

It's been a while. No no, it's not you, it's me. I've been... busy. I swear I'm not avoiding you, I just haven't been answering your calls because my phone is dead... yeah. I've been really focusing on my career lately. I just needed some space.

Oh, you've been reading other blogs? Well I'm glad for you. I hope those other blogs are making you happy. You seem well, readers. You seem... entertained. Jealous? Me? No, no. I'm not jealous. We need to have our own separate lives, readers, I totally agree.

Alright, I give. I can't keep up the facade. I miss you readers. I miss you like whoa. It's been almost a week since my last post - I got overly ambitious with a post I started on Saturday and it's been taking me FOR-EV-ER. FOR. EV. ER.


But for realzies, I'd really love to get this post published because I happen to find it amusing, although a tiny part of me is fearful that I will post it and no one will think it's funny except for me and R - because he has to think it's funny or he has to sleep in the bathtub... It's just consumed what free time I've had between work, photography, and being deathly ill with SARS. Swine Flu. Malaria. Okay, a cold. Shutup.  

I debated not saying anything about it, because now it's all hyped up and people will be expecting perfection, but I couldn't let you guys think I'd just abandoned you. I just can't quit you, readers.


Allison said...

i love it! i also love "forever" clip from the sandlot. i often find my self saying it just like that and people look at me funny. glad you posted it! at least i am not alone!

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