Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Not Ansel Adams

I just started a photography class last week and I went out to shoot my first assignment today. Our assignment was simple: take one digital roll (48 photos) using a shutter speed 60 or greater using natural light only. Our teacher does not like flash photography. He says it "steals your soul." Heh.

Ok, so using the natural light only, I am attempting to to get in-focus photos... which... is harder than it sounds. Main reason being that it's January and the days have been gray... so, most of my pictures totally sucked and were all out of focus.

Using the aperture priority setting on my schmancy new Nikon D90, I had difficulty at times getting the shutter speed over 60. I fiddled around with my f-stop settings, but at times even with my f-stop at 1.8, I could only get the shutter speed to be 40 or 50.

So, I guess I'm not a photography prodigy. In my mind I envisioned going out, taking my 48 photos, and having them all come out with amazing color, focus and artistic vision. I just knew my teacher would recognize my genius and recommend me for a photog profile in some international publication. But, I think I can safely say that won't happen... well, until I get more practice.

I am on my way to be fitted for a bridesmaid's dress, so I won't have time to post today's diary entry until later this evening. Much love, readers.

***Much Later This Evening***

Alright, after a fun dinner with AC and MP, I have returned to my rightful place behind (underneath?) my laptop.

One final topic before my "Dear Diary" moment. Do you sing in the car? Are you ever self conscious of being seen by other drivers? Or do you even know that other people can see you?

Personally, I love belting out my favorite songs at the top of my lungs. But I am painfully aware of the other drivers. In fact, if I am at a stop light sitting next to another stopped car, I stare straight ahead, sit very still, and try to minimize my mouth movement, much like a ventriloquist. This may stem from my childhood aspirations to become a ventriloquist. I even went so far as to visit our local library and check out some how-to books about ventriloquism. While I frequently forget I'm in public - saying or doing idiotic things or making ridiculous faces/voices, I guess I just don't like other people looking at me rocking out in my car.

Well, not all people are like that, I suppose. For example, the girl in the mid-sized sedan in front of me at the stop light at Central and Irving. At first I thought she was angry, maybe yelling at someone on her blue tooth, but the more I looked at her silhouette I couldn't quite be sure what was going on - maybe some sort of seizure. What is that? Is that? No, it couldn't be. Wait, I just saw jazz hands. Is she dancing? Yes. Yes. She's definitely dancing. Not any kind of dancing I've ever seen, mind you, but dancing it was.

She bounced rapidly up and down in her seat - flailing her hands in what appeared to be a combination of gestures adopted from stereotypical Italian Americans (perhaps on the Jersey Shore?) and hard core gangsta rappers. It was... odd. She either didn't realize that other people could see her through the glass windows, or if she just flat-out didn't care. Either way, it was a good solid 90 seconds of entertainment.

So, now on to tonights diary entry. AC suggested that I add my commentary after the entry. She said the ADD in her keeps her from focusing when I put the commentary in the actual entry. She also said that she'd continue reading my blog if I changed it, so I will oblige.

Dec. 1, '94

Dear diary, Mandy is so nice to me. In gym we were playing basketball dodgeball she helped me and told me not to worry about other girls. Alicia is the opposite of Mandy. Alicia is so mean. She called me a wimp when I threw a bean bag and it didn't make it that far. Later I chucked one at her and it hit her. Ha Ha! She was out. She threw one at my face but missed and since your only supposed to throw it at the feet she went out. Larry threw one at my leg but Mrs. M didn't see him. Russell Thompson left in third grade and came back 4 days ago. He is such a pest. He keeps mouthing off to the teachers especially Mrs. H. Mrs. H, Mrs. W, Mrs. L, and Mrs. S are all really annoyed with him. Till next time diary stay locked and don't let anyone read.

First of all, if memory serves me correct, "Mandy," the girl who was "so nice" later - in 7th or 8th grade decided to be a total bitch and make fun of me to my face. Better than making fun of me behind my back, I suppose. Furthermore... what exactly is "basketball dodgeball?" I remember this particular game involving bean bags instead of dodgeballs... um, ouch. I guess this is where the rule came in that you were only supposed to throw the beanbags at people's feet, but do you really trust 30 6th graders not to chuck beanbags at each other's faces?

And this "Russell Thompson" either voluntarily left or was asked to leave 1 or 2 days after this entry. He was "annoying" because he would get up in the middle of class to get kleenex or other things from the coat closet. He also responded to all the teachers with super smart ass responses. I'd probably actually like him a lot now, but at the time, being the straight edge that I was, I found this appalling.

I remember being shocked, SHOCKED! when he returned from the coat closet one day with a bottle of water! Gasp - you are only supposed to drink from the water fountain after you have received verbal permission!!!

This is also the same kid, who in 2nd grade, before he left for the first time would follow me around on the playground with the strict purpose of annoying me. My favorite playground activity was "Walk around by yourself looking at the ground." He'd follow me around with a clenched fist under my chin. While he trailed me with his fist of fury, he'd repeatedly tell me, "I'm going to punch you. I'm going to punch you. I'm going to punch you." I think I finally got so sick of him following me around telling me that he was going to punch me, that I finally told him: "Okay, fine. Punch me." He didn't. Wuss.

So what do you think? Are the comments/entries easier to read when I put them at the end? Input greatly appreciated.


In my world I ROCK said...

lol jesus your blogs crack me up.
I will sing along to anything, anywhere so long as "this is my jam!"
Except if it's the police, and I am drunk apparently. (As stated in my last post).
My Dominican roots won't let me sit still if a song has a good beat to it.

Miss N said...

I sing along allll the time! And if my vyvanse (adderall) hasn't kicked in yet or I'm particularly overtired, I might weird out people with my car dancing on purpose. Also, when encouraged by others, I'll car dance in a group to see if anyone notices...terribly embarassing and/or creepy when they stop next to you at a stoplight.

Miss N said...

Also, when will we see examples of said non-Ansel Adams photography? Can you be my official photographer at my bday party?

Simply "T" said...

I am thinking about starting a flickr acct or another website for my photos. I probably won't post them all, just the half way decent ones. I took over 100 shots for assignment # 1 and I doubt anyone wants to see 3 or 4 blurry shots of the same thing before I get the settings right.

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