Sunday, January 3, 2010

I've been M.I.A. the last few days, I know. I've been very busy making an indentation in my couch with my butt. And building puzzles with R. Yes, puzzles. Chicago temperatures have been "freeze your snot in your nose" cold, so we have been hiding out at home for the long weekend.

New Year's Eve was fun, and went off without a hitch... mostly. R made dinner reservations and said he would drive us to and from dinner. I thought about mentioning that we might have a difficult time finding parking when we got home, since we live about 3 blocks from Wrigley field right smack dab in the middle between all the Wrigleyville bars on Clark St. and all the Boystown bars on Halsted. I pushed the thought out of my mind, figuring that even on the busiest summer Saturday night, the farthest we've ever had to park from our house is about 2 blocks. Not a big deal. So we went to dinner and had delicious Sushi at Shiso followed up with a delicious fried tempura green tea ice cream. It was f-f-f-f-freezing when we left dinner, but we cranked the heat in the car and drove home. We arrived back in our hood at about 8:30 and we circled our block once to see that there was no parking on our block, so R, being the gentleman that he is dropped me off at the house since I was A: wearing a dress, and B: wearing 7 inch heels. Good boyfriend, rack up those brownie points before the end of 2009.

Once I got in the comfort of our own apartment I immediately kicked off my heels and changed from a dress to R's giant man-sweatpants (even though he had nicely laid out my own pink and white girl's PJ pants) and a t-shirt. I seize any opportunity to shed my fancy duds. Maybe it's because my party clothes are so binding. Anyone? Anyone? Clueless? Moving on.

I settled on the couch, waiting for R to return from parking the car and got distracted by the old school Twilight Zone episodes on our DVR (I think we had like 38 episodes recorded from the NYE marathon). Losing track of time, it was about 2.5 episodes in that I realized R still hadn't returned from parking the car... it was now 10:00. I got worried, but a minute later I finally received a text from R.

R: "This is insanity."
T: "Can I do anything?"
R: "Be superhuman and throw cars to the side."
T: "Raaagggghhhhh" (I think this was supposed to be my impression of me Hulking out and throwing cars)
R: "This is crazy. I even went up to our old apt... nothing" (Our old apartment, in normal weather isn't THAT far... maybe a mile North and East of our place now, but in sub-zero temperatures it might as well be 300 miles.)
T: "Oh man. Do you want company?"
R: "I would."
T: "Come get me."

So I bundled up, put the leash on A, and grabbed the 2 cigars R and I brought back from our trip to Mexico the week before Christmas. We'd planned on smoking them on our back porch at midnight, but at this rate I was wondering if we would even be back before the ball dropped. The 3 of us drove around for the next hour and a half smoking our cigars (A didn't smoke, he's a dog) to finally find parking about 6 blocks away. We speed walked the 6 blocks and crashed in the door at about 15 minutes till midnight. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Actually, it was pretty fun. We smoked our cigars and joked around, making the best of the situation (Not "The Situation"). A got to stick his dog face out the window, which he loves. I could have done without the 6 block walk in the Chicago tundra, but it wasn't the deciding factor in my night.

Now, this is the reason why I love R so much... (Awwww... Shut up. I don't do mushy.) he and I have been dating close to 3 years and have been living together for a year and a half, but sometimes he still completely surprises me. And he never fails to make me laugh. Now, if you remember I told you that he had nicely laid out my pink and white PJ pants, but I stole his gigantic red sweats instead. I was in the kitchen, popping the bubbly for our midnight toast when he walked in without a word. Nothing strange about that. After pouring our glasses, I turned to give him his and... I just lost it hysterically laughing.


I couldn't respond, still not having caught my breath after turning to see him standing there wearing my pink and white PJ pants. Since I had donned his comfy sweats, he decided he'd give my PJs a try. Best of all? They were on backwards.

We enjoyed the last few minutes of 2009 with A and the ball drop on TV, and with a 3...2...1... we said farewell to 2009.

Bring it on 2010! I'm ready!

And now, for the first diary entry of my childhood for the 2010 calendar year...


Oh my gosh!

Zachary is so cute I ca'nt stand it every time I see him I wa'nt to pull my hair out! Unlike Raul Zachary is cute! Unlike Raul every boy is cute that shows how much I dislike him (This isn't like one of those deals where I say I hate someone even though I really like them. I really did not like this kid.) I even think James is better looking than Raul! Uggh! even with James weird face! (HA! So mean.) But Zachary is so cute aggggh!! I want to die! I ca'nt stand it (sigh) I know he'll never like me. He's probaly just looking at jasmine reynolds (I think I was subconsciously slamming her here by not capitalizing her name) since she sits right next to me. Alicia is probably right. he is looking at miss priss herself Jasmine Reynolds Aggggh! I wa'nt to choke him! Agggh! I keep on screaming let's see how many times have I screamed. five including this one Agggggh! (I have no words to explain this. I've always been.... "quirky"...) anyway I still like Zachary and nothing can change that (as it will be over the next 3-4 years.. other boys came and went, but my heart always belonged to Zachary) unless next year theres an incredibly cute and perfect in every way new boy (Is that all? Have I always been that picky? Don't answer that.) then I might change my mind or mabe not it depends

(What, no plea to keep this info safe from my brother? Losin' your touch old lady.)

Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years. Back to the real world tomorrow, and maybe since I will actually leave the house and encounter other human beings (besides R) I will actually have some stories to share.


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