Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My brain has not been functioning up to it's normal snarky level. I've started multiple blog posts, only to read them over and deem the writing to be "sucky," deleting them so that I don't have to impart my suckitude all over you, my readers (all 5 of you.)

Tomorrow I plan to bite the bullet and just write. My preemptive apologies for any sucky writing.

Maybe if I take a nap and wake up in a cold sweat I'll be more creative. Done. See you all in a few hours when I return to post my Dear Diary moment. 26 year old T may not have words for you, but I can guarantee 12 year old T had words to share. Wise words.


Miss N said...

The reason you're having writer's block is because you're putting all of your creative energy into coming up with different funny/creative calls to make to your favorite birthday girl while she's at work tomorrow, right?

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