Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Very Very Very Very Very Very....

As promised, today's entry will be diary entries only. This actually works out for me, because I am exhausted...the sleep-on-the-couch method did not work last night, and I only got about 15 minutes of sleep. Oh wait, I said I wasn't going to complain. Crap. Okay, forget I just said that (don't even get all smart with me and tell me that there is a "delete" button on my keyboard).

And away we go...

Jan 9, 95
Sassafrass I not going to talk for long since its the middle of the night. Today Cassie was very nice. Allie, Jasmine, and Megan were mean. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Oh one more thing the tickets arrived today! So till next time Sassafrass, stay locked, keep my secrets a secret and Good night. P.S. Sorry I'm really tired

First: "I not going to talk long?" Was English my second language or something? So, apparently I was suffering from insomnia even in 6th grade. Awesome. Let's see what "tomorrow's" entry brings...

Jan 10, 95

Dear Sassafrass,
I'm really very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very tired. So I just wrote to tell you I tell you what happened yesterday and today tomorrow, I promise I won't wait till the last minute. O.K. O.K Good night Sassafrass!

I wonder how tired I was? Was I very tired? Or was I very very tired? Or was I very (x 22) tired? You know how you can look at a word repeated over and over and the word just stops making sense? Like, there's no way those combinations of letters make a real word. That's what happened to me typing out this post. I see that I continue to abuse the English language. It still happens to me occasionally... screwing up tenses and plurals and whatnot. I think I recently said "I'm going to go get this pants." Not "these pants" or "this pair of pants." Also, way to be a procrastinator, kid. This will not bode well for your blog readers in 2010. Ok, so let's see what I had to say the next day...

Jan 11, 95
Sassafrass my mom told me to go to bed so I have to go to bed. Because I had so much home work I'll tell you about the day before yesterday yesterday and today tomorrow O.K.? O.K. good Sorry Sassafrass I know I promised. So till tomorrow Good Night Sassafrass! P.S. I'm so very, very, sorry.

Again with the very. I am very very very very very very very surprised that I used the word "very" so many times in 1995. It must have been a very big year. Also - my mom told me to go to bed and I listened? Wow. Parallel universe, here. I wonder when I started being a heinous bitch and refusing to do anything asked of me. I mean... very.

January 12, 95
Sassafrass guess what! Only 3 days till the Concert! Yay!!!! And guess what else only 8 days until Zachary Smiths Birthday. Anyway Nothing I can think of happened the day before yesterday. or the day before that or yesterday the science fair was a flop. Cassies being nice to me. Anyway bye Sassafras. O.K. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!

3 days from the NIN concert, the momentous occasion during which I will have my head spit on from the balcony above. Truly a life changing moment. Also, what a creepster counting down to my crush's birthday. And what's up with all the empty promises to hear about the day before the day before the day before yesterday and the day before yesterday and yesterday's events? I very very very very very very very much wanted to know what was happening those few days. I guess we will never know.

And thus ends the last entry of 1995. Tomorrow we party like it's 1996.


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